1 - How do I buy a sculpture?

To purchase a sculpture from Hazel Feeney Ceramics and Bronzes online, please email enquiries[at]hazelfeeney[dot]com specifying:

  • which sculpture you would like to buy,
  • your preferred size and colour, and
  • your name and address.

I will contact you to confirm the cost of postage and packaging to your location and to provide you with details of Hazel Feeney Ceramics and Bronzes' London bank account. Your order will be dispatched as soon as payment is received.

Hazel Feeney Ceramics and Bronzes are also available in a number of galleries in England and France. For a full list of galleries, please see the About page.

2 - How much do the sculptures cost?

Prices are currently being updated: please enquire by email if you are interested in making a purchase.

3 - Where do you deliver to and how much does it cost?

Hazel Feeney Ceramics and Bronzes delivers anywhere in the world. The cost will depend on your location and the weight of your order. Please email enquiries[at]hazelfeeney[dot]com for more details.

4 - What colours are available?

All bronzes are available in four different colours:

  • natural bronze,
  • mottled green,
  • black, and
  • platinum.

Please note that the bronzes are limited editions of 12, and thus your preferred colour may not be available.

All ceramics are available in four different glazes:

  • black,
  • mottled white,
  • blue-grey, and
  • bronze.